Every year, six to eight million animals enter U.S. shelters, but only three to four million get adopted. Many wonderful volunteers will take the dogs out for walks and maybe have a few minutes of play time, but at the end of the day, the dogs and cats are alone once again with no human to snuggle with. With so many animals entering shelters and the popularity of buying dogs from purebred breeders or pet shops, the odds seem stacked against needy shelter dogs. In an effort to get pups out of the shelter and into loving homes, before it is too late, many organizations have started to get creative. Thanks to the power of social media, a single Facebook post lead to one dog finding his forever home just in time for Christmas.

After spending months, 280 days to be exact, at the Atlanta Humane Society, Boss really wanted to go home for the holidays but needed some help. So, the Atlanta Humane Society posted an adorable photo of Boss and asked if they could get a few shares to help him find a home. The plea for a few shares turned into 53,000+ shares from animal lovers from all over the country determined for Boss to get his gift: a family for Christmas.

Just two days after the Facebook post was published, the Atlanta Humane Society announced he was adopted! 



Before the adoption was finalized, Boss met with his new family. Boss gave a paws up to his new humans and canine friends and went home for the holidays. His new family has two other dogs and we’re confident Boss will have life long fun with his new siblings! It is so amazing to see how one simple act, such as posting a photo on social media can completely transform life for a needy animal. With over 70 million homeless dogs and cats wandering the streets in the U.S., we could all stand to a lot more to ensure the lucky animals who make it to shelters get their forever home.

If you’re considering welcoming a four-legged companion into your home, please always adopt and never shop. And if you’d like to get involved with your local animal shelter, check out our guide to volunteering.

Image Source: Atlanta Humane Society/Facebook