Having a new addition in your family is a wonderful thing! From newborn babies to puppies, bringing someone or an animal into a family to share experiences with, lean a shoulder on, and to love and cherish is beautiful.

Now, sometimes, siblings can get jealous — like adopting a dog into a multi-dog family or having a new baby in a big family. However, often times, they fall in love with the new family member, like these bull terrier siblings who fall asleep in a dog pile!


Here’s another instance: In the video above, watch as Billy the puppy meets his newborn friend, Isabelle! He’s so excited he just can’t hide it.

Watch as Billy jumps up and down at the sight of Isabelle. Is he trying to get on the hospital bed to play with her? Or is he just super psyched and is jumping up and down? Either or, he sure is cute doing it.