Full Disclaimer: This video is a dramatic representation of the kind of life a homeless animal can endure. No one merely strapped a Go Pro to a stray dog and sat passively by as they were abused and endangered. Those scenes were staged and edited. It’s meant to serve as a thought-provoking glimpse into the life of a street dog in India.

And, thought-provoking it is.

India’s pet overpopulation problem is huge; there are somewhere around 30 million homeless dogs roaming the streets. The issue is complex and vast, with efforts to begin spaying and neutering the animals on a national level in an effort to begin chipping away at the problem hitting roadblocks.

Which is exactly why World For All Animal Care & Adoptions based out of Mumbai wanted to raise awareness of the issue and to sensitize those around them to these homeless dogs’ plight.

By supporting shelters in order to give a stray a forever home and working to spay and neuter our own pet, we can all start working away at the problem. We can also be reminded that the dog you see running through the streets is likely, hungry, scared and alone in the world. Treating them with kindness should be the only option.

While this issue is rampant in India, it rings true for many other countries as well (The U.S. alone dubiously boasts 70 million stray dogs and cats per year, with only 6-8 million of them ever reaching a shelter. Of that number, only 3-4 million are ever adopted.) and the solution is applicable everywhere. Why buy an animal from a pet store or breeder, ostensibly creating more, when there are so many wonderful ones that need you desperately already?

The only way to combat this problem starts and ends with us. We must adopt instead of shop, and we must spay and neuter our pets. Lives depend on it. Literally.