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1. Frenchie Copies Human After Leg Injury in Cute Video

An adorable Frenchie named Oatie is gaining popularity on TikTok after a video was posted showing him copying his human, who had just gotten surgery. Captioned “Do dogs understand?”, the video shows how capable dogs are of sympathizing with people they love.

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2. Who Doesn’t Like Compliments? Adorable Video Shows Dog’s Face Before & After Praise

Like many of us, dogs love compliments, and they are highly motivated by humans’ praise according to a 2016 study. The study found that dogs’ brains responded not just to the tone the praise was delivered in, but to the words themselves. Studies like this highlight the effect that compliments and other positive verbal interactions from humans can have on our beloved pups. This positive effect appears to be on display in one viral TikTok video. 

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3. Airlines Wouldn’t Allow a Mixed-Breed Dog to Fly Based on Her Paperwork

In 2017, Steph Arauz-Marin and her family adopted a mixed-breed dog from a kill shelter in Florida. They named the pup Maui. Maui quickly settled into the family. At the time, the Arauz-Marins resided in the United States. However, eventually, Steph moved to Spain and her parents decided to return to Guatemala. Although they planned to take Maui with them, there was an unforeseen problem. 

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4. France is Revolutionizing Egg Industry Welfare

In a significant move towards improving animal welfare in the egg industry, France has taken a commendable step by banning the culling of male chicks, following in the footsteps of Germany, which implemented a similar ban in 2022. This decision reflects a growing global awareness of the ethical concerns surrounding the mass killing of male chicks, a practice that has long been a dark shadow over the egg industry.

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5. Spain Makes a Stride for Animal Welfare – But Leaves Out Bullfighting

Spain has taken a significant stride in safeguarding the welfare of animals with the recent implementation of its first-ever specific animal welfare legislation. The law, which came into effect on Friday, seeks to curtail the mistreatment of animals and is particularly focused on domestic pets. While the move has been celebrated as a positive step toward improving animal welfare, it has also faced its share of controversy, notably with exceptions for bullfights and hunting with dogs.

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6. Medication Is a Controversial Treatment for Animals’ Mental Health

Although animals can suffer from many of the same mental health difficulties as humans, mental health medication for animals remains a controversial topic. While it may be beneficial in some cases, experts worry that it could lead to some animals’ needs not being met. Instead, they worry that humans will choose to administer drugs. 

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7. Vietnam Has Arrested An Eco-Activist For No Reason

Vietnam has recently made headlines with the arrest of Ngo Thi To Nhien, the executive director of the Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition (Viet), a Hanoi-based energy think tank. This move comes as the latest in a series where experts working on environmental issues in Vietnam have faced detainment. In the past two years alone, six such professionals have been taken into custody.

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8. NASA’s AWE Project: Understanding Atmospheric Gravity Waves

NASA has exciting news: its Atmospheric Waves Experiment (AWE) has passed vital space environment tests with flying colors! Set to launch to the International Space Station (ISS) in November 2023, AWE aims to study the intriguing atmospheric gravity waves present in Earth’s atmosphere. Why? To better comprehend how our terrestrial weather interacts with space.

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9. New York City Flooding is a Glimpse into the “New Normal”

New York City witnessed a dramatic display of nature’s fury on September 29, 2023, as torrential rains drenched the streets, giving a rather unsettling preview of the “new normal” due to Climate change. The downpours, termed one of the city’s wettest days ever, were so intense that some areas saw almost eight inches of rain. The showers were so heavy that a sea lion at Central Park Zoo temporarily swam beyond her pool!

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10. French Citizens Want Fewer Flights for a Greener Future

In an era where climate change is at the forefront of global discussions, a new poll has brought some astonishing views to light. According to a recent study from the Consumer Science and Analytics Institute (CSA), a significant number of French citizens are advocating for a limit on air travel. Believe it or not, they suggest people should only fly four times in their entire lifetime to help combat Climate change.

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Wake Up Climate Change Is Real by Tiny Rescue: Climate Collection
Wake Up Climate change Is Real by Tiny Rescue: Climate Collection

Wake Up Climate Change Is Real by Tiny Rescue: Climate Collection

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