Many of us are never lucky enough to meet a farm animal in person. Often, the only times we may see a chicken, pig, cow, turkey, duck or a goose is at a petting zoo or at the end of their lives, when they become parts and products lined up on grocery store shelves.

Yet, if we all were to really get acquainted with farm animals, perhaps we would see them beyond the label of “food.” Perhaps we could see them for the individuals they truly are.

Unlike factory farms, which produce and treat animals as commodities, farm sanctuaries have become safe havens for these marginalized and forgotten animals.

Animal Place, a sanctuary in Grass Valley, Calif., recently welcomed a new piglet into their ever-expanding animal family. This adorable piglet, seen in the video, somehow managed to escape from her previous owners, who were raising her for slaughter.

As Animal Place reports, she was rescued by the Sacramento City animal shelter and arrived at the sanctuary on April 2, 2014. Here, she will get to be a pig, playing safely in the sanctuary’s straw and spending the rest of her life living without fear or pain. Here, she will only know compassion and love.