Have you ever seen a dog, or any animal, for that matter, play with water balloons? After you watch this video, you can say you have!

While it’s not clear if this dog’s family put out water balloons on the trampoline for his benefit or if they were for some kids, but either way, this Wishbone lookalike showed those balloons who’s boss! …Except maybe the last one.

Spaz, the dog in the video, as it turns out, is in good company. Check out this dog who popped a giant water balloon, this french bulldog, and these puppies all have had their fun with the ultimate DIY summer toy.

While it might not be as much fun as water balloons, there are other makeshift toys you can have your canine companion play with. Toys made with socks and water bottles, in particular, seem to be the favorite of many furry friends, and with a little bit of sewing and crafting know-how, you can have fun with your best animal pal all summer long, water balloons and all!

(Also, always remember if your pup is playing with balloons to be sure they don’t accidentally eat any of the rubber!)