Will Colorado be the next state up to take a swing in the war to label GMO foods?

Right to Know Colorado recently submitted a proposed ballot initiative that, if supported by 85,000 signatures, would put the labeling initiative on 2014’s state ballot.

“Our campaign is organizing to place an initiative on the ballot in November of 2014,” Right to Know’s campaign website says. “Over the summer, the steering committee laid the groundwork for this initiative campaign: drafted the title language, implemented the initial fundraising strategy, and kicked off coalition building activities. This fall, our main goals are to amplify our fundraising efforts and to begin public outreach on the labeling issue and to tell our friends and neighbors about this initiative.”

Following the failure of GMO labeling initiatives in both Washington and California, Colorado’s journey is sure to be a battle. However, with recent anti-GMO victories surfacing out of Hawaii, and a similar measure gaining momentum in Oregon, a glimmer of hope also shines through.

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