We all know about snakes’ incredible ability to swallow object much bigger than themselves. But surely, most of us would assume these animals stick to trying to engulf their natural prey (most of the time) … in this particular case, a snake picked, instead, our trash. This video filmed in Goa, India, shows that such scenario is very far from being improbable. In it, a cobra is struggling to get out of its system a large object, squeezing it out slowly. When the snake finally spits it out, it becomes clear why digesting it was out of the question – the snake had swallowed a large plastic bottle!

As reported by All India Roundup, wildlife rescuer Goutham Bhagat thought the snake must have swallowed something impossible to digest, but he had no idea it would turn out to be an empty plastic bottle. Bhagat said it is possible that the bottle had a rat or a frog inside, which made the snake swallow it, but that is just a theory.


We are now, unfortunately, more or less used to the sight of marine animals swallowing pieces of plastic that are thrown away, but a land animal doing the same is rare – and we seriously hope this will not become an everyday sight. But in order for it not to become so, it is us who have to take action. Every year, we produce 300 million tons of plastic. 78 percent of it is not recycled but left to pollute the land and water of our planet.

To learn what you can do to limit your plastic footprint – check out One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign!