An elephant falling into a crowd at a Circus Krone event in Germany is being used to highlight the public safety and animal welfare issues associated with the use of wild animals in live entertainment. Animal Defenders International and other concerned organizations are demanding governments across the world ban the use of animals in these acts.

ADI President Jan Creamer said: “Using wild animals in circuses is a recipe for disaster, putting animals and the public in harm’s way. ADI calls on governments around the world without bans in place to end wild animal acts without delay and stop circus suffering.”

Elephants and the other wild animals that we are familiar with seeing in circuses live in appalling conditions. Their accommodations are often cramped, these animals are typically starved, and the methods used to train them to perform these tricks for our entertainment are often barbaric and cruel. Animals who are born into circuses are usually torn away from their mothers far earlier than they are ready to be. The mental and physical conditions these animals suffer from, combined with the risk to the public, like this show in Osnabrück has demonstrated, mean we must fight against animals being used in entertainment and opt for animal-free events instead.

To do your part, boycott circuses and other events that insist on using performing animals like these elephants. Spread the word about the conditions these animals live in, sign petitions fighting these acts, and do all you can to oppose the use of wild animals in circuses.