Farm animal sanctuaries seem to be the new place for rescue cows to develop meaningful friendships. From Ari and Nik meeting for the first time to the blind cow Sweety settling in with her fellow rescued cows, these sanctuaries offer a real place for these cows to really live in peace and comfort.

In the video below, we have calves Bob and Mortimer who are best friends. Both are young rescue calves at the Animal Place Sanctuary. Bob is the black and white calf, whose mother died shortly after giving birth due to neglect. Mortimer is a fuzzy cow, who was abandoned by his mother.

The two have found a wonderful home at the sanctuary and as the video shows, they have some fun together too, which will hopefully be a lifelong friendship!

What’s really evident in all these videos of rescue cows is that when these animals are not up for slaughter or milking, you can actually see their spirits come alive, the stress lift as they live life the way they should.