Califia Farms is at it again! The plant-based milk company just launched a new line of dairy-free and gut-healthy probiotic yogurt drinks.

The drinks are available in single or multi-serve containers and come in four flavors: unsweetened plain, super berry, mango, and strawberry!


The drinks are “batch fermented,” in the almond and coconut bases so the probiotics are “part of the whole food, versus being fortified and added at the end of the fermentation.” Probiotics are “good” bacteria/live cultures found naturally in many everyday foods that help break down and digest food, produce vitamins, and suppress other harmful microbes.

CEO Greg Steltenpohl said that the drinks are a “breakthrough” in dairy-free yogurt drinks, and if they are anything like Califia Farms other products, it’s safe to say they will indeed be a breakthrough.

Not too long ago, Califia Farms secured a $15 million lease with equipment finance company CapX Partners to further expand their production capacity. The million-dollar lease will help triple Califia Farms output, to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for plant-based milk.

Interested in learning more about Califia Farms and their vision for the future of plant-based milk? In an episode of #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias, Nil sat down with Greg to get more of his visionary insight into this exploding sector. In their conversation, they dive deep into Greg’s thoughts on why we need to shift to a primarily plant-based food system, the great opportunities companies have to do so – and what it means to compete in this changing marketplace.

Listen to the episode here:



Image Source: Califia Farms