“My life-long Liam Neeson fan-dom has ended,” Bill Mahers declares. What could have caused this sort of Hollywood idol heartbreak? Neeson’s undying love and support for the NYC carriage horse program.

Oh yes, that very same program that is responsible for the accidental death and blatant abuse of hundreds of horses. Maher weighs in pretty frankly on his distaste for Neeson’s ode to the carriage horse program (if you haven’t seen the video, check it out here). Clearly Maher does not understand why anyone would wish to champion the abuse of animals…and really who does?!

But Neeson has made it clear that he sees this program as a quintessential part of the NYC experience. As anyone who actually lives in or frequents New York knows, anything considered “quintessential” New York is probably best to be avoided at all costs (sorry Times Square).

As Maher so eloquently puts, “anyone who has seen a horse run in the wild” knows that to get them to work as a carriage horse involves breaking their spirit completely. I think it is fair to say that Liam Neeson is set to lose a few more fans…and Bill Maher has gained at least one!