Dogs have it pretty good in the U.S. As opposed to cows, chickens, and pigs who are destined to live their lives out in factory farms, dogs are seen as companion animals, worthy of spending their lives alongside us. Unfortunately, not every dog is lucky. Each year 65,000 dogs and 20,000 cats are used in U.S. labs.

Take beagles, for example. Their docile and trusting nature has made them prime candidates for laboratory testing. Before a new pharmaceutical, pesticide, or chemical such as a food additive, is made available to the public, dogs, like beagles, are poisoned with experimental substances – either via force-feeding, injection, or skin application – to measure toxicity.

Thankfully, there are organizations out there like Cruelty Free International, working tirelessly to give dogs a better life. And while there is still much work to be done, there are small victories along the way. The video above, for example, shows the moment 42 rescued lab beagles getting to play outside for the first time EVER. Doesn’t their excitement just give you chills?

Local animal welfare charity, Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, are now finding these lucky pups some new homes so that they can live the life of freedom they deserve! In the meantime, share this article to spread awareness about the realities of lab testing on animals!