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A new petition posted by the Care2 team is calling on Instagram to ban a woman who tortured her cat and posted it on the social media site. Your first assumption might be another starved pet or similar. But no, this woman had her cat tattooed! Why? Simply because the woman, a Ukranian fitness enthusiast, thought it was cute and cool. Can you imagine the pain, confusion, and helplessness this cat must have felt?

The pain of a tattoo for a human is already pushing the limits but that is a choice we make for ourselves. To subject that to your pet who you are supposed to love and protect no matter what … is absolutely a form of cruelty! Not only that but sedating a cat for these frivolous purposes is dangerous.

Care2 wants Instagram to recognize this woman’s attention-seeking actions, at the expense of her cat no less, and show her what that gets you – banned. This is a vital issue because with the rise of social media people are getting reckless and bold in what they post, which is fine for them but under no circumstances should that extend to innocent beings who have no say so in the matter. By signing the petition you can help send the message to Instagram that tattooing an animal is animal cruelty and allowing it to be celebrated on their social media platform is like saying that it’s “no big deal.”

The Care2 team is committed to stopping animal cruelty under any circumstances and this is certainly one that needs to be addressed before others start to follow this woman’s lead. While no one knows for sure whether the wanna-be model will face animal cruelty charges in the Ukraine, we definitely agree that depriving her of the attention she is after will do just fine. Let’s also hope she realizes and understands the severity of her actions and becomes a better pet parent to her cat.

Image Source: Care2