When the Wildlife Care Center in Portland, Oregon got a message from the local Harbor Master about a duck stuck in a fishing line, they immediately set out to work. WCC Operations Manager Lacy Campbell and volunteer Kathleen Studdert went down to the scene with a knife, a net, and a towel to investigate and see what they could do. However, halfway there, the harbor master sent them another message saying an Eagle had also become stuck in the net!

The tools they brought with them were perfect for dealing with a duck … not so much for a 12 pound panicking female Bald Eagle.  But that didn’t stop them! It wasn’t easy, but Lacy managed to climb into the water and cut the eagle free by holding the bird upside down. After the eagle was free, it was easy to retrieve the duck and get them both back to the Wildlife Care Center for treatment. Sadly, the duck did not make it, but the Eagle only had minor scrapes and was still able to fly! This majestic bird has bounced back and will be released back to the wild within a few days!


Had it not been for Lacy Campbell, Kathleen Studdert, and the Wildlife Care Center Portland Audubon, this eagle would have certainly drowned or starved. We have to give them a big thank you for helping this beautiful animal!

This amazing rescue and (pending) release is the perfect example of how we should interact with injured wildlife. Remember, if you ever spot an animal in distress, always contact a professional before attempting to save them. Click here for some hotlines that could help.