We’re not sure if you guys are going to be able to handle all the cuteness of this baby rhino. She was taken in by Care for the Wild Rhino Sanctuary when she was only one day old! The adorable rhino calf was rejected by her mother at birth but Care for the Wild confirms that the baby is doing well and getting stronger with each passing day. This is great news since orphaned rhinos in the wild rarely survive. From the looks of the video, this sweetheart seems to be doing just fine, after all … not many rhinos’s get serenaded to sleep!

The talented man playing the guitar, now dubbed the “baby rhino sleep whisperer” is Mark Mills. Usually, Mark works at the Monarto Zoo as an ungulate keeper but is spreading his wings and assisting at Care for the Wild on a six-month work placement. Apparently, this rhino baby is certainly glad he came along because every time she hears him play she dozes off into a cozy, comfy sleep. One thing is for sure, she definitely has an ear (or ears) for good music.


Care for the Wild Rhino Sanctuary operates the largest rhino orphanage in the world and was founded in 2001 by Petronel Nieuwoudt. The sanctuary specializes in the rehabilitation of orphaned rhinos as a result of poaching and provides them with a totally secure environment where they can grow until they’re ready to return to the wild.

To learn more about Care for the Wild Rhino Sanctuary and their amazing work with rhinos click here.