World Meat-Free Week, a project focused on the positive change we can create by eliminating meat from our diets, has created a short film series Protectors of the Planet showcasing inspiring stories of ordinary people who support the movement and make a difference for the planet. One of them is Luke Tan – a successful endurance athlete from Singapore who has stopped eating meat to make his body as well as the planet healthier.

As a child, Tan had numerous health problems and during his teens and early twenties, he started suffering from depression. He then discovered bodybuilding and implemented a strict regime into his life – a regime that required eating a typical bodybuilder’s diet of around a kilo (over 2 pounds) of meat every day!


Tan was inspired to change the way he approached his diet when he met his future wife, Emily. She helped him discover that a meat-free diet is a healthier option, that it would allow him to keep training and be the athlete he wanted to be, and that it had an immensely positive impact on the planet we live on. Overnight, Tan cut out meat for animal, environmental, and health reasons. His outlook on life itself has changed – it is now important to him to live a life that will contribute to leaving the world a better place for his baby daughter and the next generations. Not contributing to the environmentally destructive meat industry is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do that.

To learn more about World Meat-Free Week and the Protectors of the Planet series, visit the project’s website.