Quickly becoming known as the saddest animal in the world, Arturo the polar bear lives in an enclosure at the Mendoza Zoo in Argentina where temperatures can routinely exceed 104º F enclosure (40º C).

Alone for the last two years since the death of his companion Pelusa, Arturo displays abnormal behaviors believed to be caused from his grief as well as his abhorrent living conditions such as showing his teeth, tilting his head, pacing and rocking.

Calls for his removal from his cruel and lonely living conditions have circulated online for months, including a petition at change.org to have him moved out of the zoo.

Reddit took up the charge on Arturo’s behalf today too with user Jane888 setting up a donation page in his name through Polar Bears International. With donations exceeding $2,000 in less than 4 hours, his goal of $5000 and up is surely attainable with everyone’s help.

A zoo is no place for Arturo, or for that matter, any animal.

Let’s save Arturo and raise awareness for the cruel treatment of captive animals everywhere!