Dozens of animals at the Khan Younis Zoo in Gaza are starving to death because food and medical supplies are nearly impossible to get a hold of in the heavily blockaded strip. Over the past six months, up to 25 big cats have perished in the handful of zoos that still exist in Gaza, but the situation at Khan Younis is particularly troubling. Thankfully, help is on the way as Four Paws responds to the animals in need.

The only way to describe the situation is as an animal welfare crisis. 

Animals are dying and decaying in the cells as food and water is practically non-existent.

Thankfully, Four Paws is working in the Khan Younis Zoo to help feed and give medical care to the survivors.

However, the organization needs your help.

Many of the zoo’s residents are near death and the cost to help them is steep. Four Paws has made a desperate plea for funds in order to save them.

They have provided immediate care to over 40 animals and are hoping to garner enough funding to continue to care for at least four more weeks.

Watch the video below to learn more about this rescue mission.


You can help save Gaza’s animals by joining Four Paws’ campaign, which will provide food and medical attention to provide a chance at life for these beings.Visit Four Paws’ fundraising page here to learn more about this  incredible rescue mission and how you can help.

 All image source: Four Paws