They say that an elephant never forgets. At first it sounds like one of those silly adages that doesn’t really mean anything and people don’t quite understand 100 percent, but we repeat it none the less. Well, unlike some of the other silly phrases we use that don’t have any real meaning … this one seems to be incredibly true.

The more we learn about elephants, the more we are straight up enamored by them. Not only are these creatures larger than anything we’ve ever seen, they’re incredibly intelligent and possess cognitive abilities that humans have long assumed could only be found in … well, other humans! In this short graphic, Alex Gendler takes us through all the fascinating intricacies of the elephant’s memory.

Knowing all that we do about elephants and their ability to remember the smallest details like the smell of their companions or the location of specific events in their lives, also knowing what is happening to this species becomes even more tragic. Elephants are some of the most endangered animals on the planet due to their valuable ivory tusks. Please share this video and spread the knowledge of how incredible these animals are!