While red foxes are highly adaptable to human environments and are found in diverse habitats around the world from forests to deserts, it can still be rare to see these cunning and intelligent beings wandering around out in the wild.

What’s more, they typically try to keep their distance from humans, since they have their own things to do, like, say, diving head-first into snow for a mouse hunt.

But, on occasion, they do venture close to people, like in the case of adorable Norwegian fox Sniffer, who has befriended a dog named Tinni and his guardian, photographer Torgeir Berge.

And really, if we think about it, it makes sense that foxes and other wild animals find their way into our lives from time-to-time because ultimately, our land is their land, too.

Perhaps that’s why the red fox below decided to take a nap in a resident’s backyard just outside of Calgary, Canada — it’s just as much as his beloved homeland as the Canadian’s, right?

According to Reddit user, athlonfx, who took the photos, area foxes “usually do not go too far from forests or the open prairie,” but this little guy has been “hanging around [the] neighborhood for a few months.”

He looks pretty at home to us, doesn’t he? All snuggled up with his bushy tail to protect him from the cold winter weather.

But, oh dear, that’s just not quite the right position, is it? So with a little stretch here and a little stretch there…

…this little guy finally finds just the right spot, nestling back into a deep sleep without a care in the world. Beautiful, no?

All images: netherstorm / Imgur