All too often we don’t give animals the credit they deserve for being incredibly compassionate and caring beings. We overlook their ability to feel emotions and comprehend situations, but nearly everyday we find an example of an animal who is proving us all wrong. One such animal is this abandoned Yorkshire terrier.

Houston-based photographer, Robyn Arouty was told by a friend that a dog and two kittens had been found abandoned in a neighboring yard. Arouty wasted no time calling a friend who is connected to a rescue organization. She then grabbed her camera and set out to meet these three abandoned animals. On her blog Arouty writes, “just when you think you’ve seen it all,” and introduces the Yorky who has become the foster mother to these two kittens.

Left alone together in a small crate, these three animals had no idea why they were there or what would become of them. 

But clearly, confusion gave way to motherly instincts in no time.

The Yorky had recently given birth and took to nursing the kittens as if they were her own. 

Regardless of the difference in species or even appearance, this doting mother vowed to protect her kitten charges. 

The kittens had truly become her own. 

Arouty describes the dog as, “Compassionate and loving. And doing all the motherly things.”


The Yorky and two kittens have been taken in by Buster’s Friends Rescue and are awaiting adoption into a new forever home. 

The mama Yorky has been named Duchess and her two kittens, William and Kate. 


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All image source: Robyn Arouty