Behind every piece of food or health advice we read in a magazine or hear on TV is another piece of food or health advice that argues against it. With contrasting evidence put out by food and health yodas in the media, it is hard to know what to believe anymore. Especially with more access to media outlets through our phones, iPads…the list goes on… it is harder to tell that a lot of information we are being fed is nonsense. So, how do you decipher what is true and what may be a fleeting trend? Beyond good judgment, check out these seven big myth-busters that will hopefully answer some questions, and provoke some conversations.

1. Organic Produce: Skip The Wash


Wash Organic produce

While it is perfectly ‘natural’ to think without any chemicals organic produce can take the express track to your dinner plate, think again. Always be sure to thoroughly wash organic produce, as it is susceptible to bacteria, contaminated runoff water and soil, and animal waste. With produce that grows closer to the ground, like melons and tomatoes, it is even more likely that there will exposure to these types of contaminants. A safe bet: wash everything!