Even if you already know about the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and other unprocessed whole foods, documentaries can help provide deeper insight to our food, and how it relates to our health.

And with streaming platforms, it’s easier than ever to watch a documentary on a huge variety of health topics. Here’s a list of 10 of the health-related documentaries you can stream on Netflix right now.

Don’t forget to make some of these vegan movie night snacks to eat while you’re watching!

1. What the Health

In What The Health, director Kip Andersen investigates the relationship between the standard American diet and the rise of health problems like heart disease and cancer. Andersen speaks with experts like Dr. Garth Davis, Dr. Michel Greger, and Dr. Michelle McMacken.

2. Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives, directed by Lee Fulkerson, explores the ways that a healthy and balanced diet filled with nutritious food can help treat a number of ailments. The documentary looks at the effects of a diet heavy in processed foods, compared to the benefits of a less processed diet.

3. Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change, directed by James Colquhoun and Laurentine Ten Bosch, investigates the way that the weight loss and diet industry keep consumers coming back, and explains how an unprocessed diet can help people take their health into their own hands.

4. Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead

This documentary focuses on the health benefits of juicing – filmmaker Joe Cross tries a plant-based juice cleanse in order to improve his weight and overall health. The film also follows a number of other people using juicing to improve their health.

5. On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace

Based on Michael O’Neill’s book on yoga, this inspirational documentary from director Heitor Dhalia explores the benefits of yoga, talking to a number of yoga experts. Here’s a guide on the connection between yoga and your diet.

6. The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill, directed by Rob Tate, looks at the ketogenic diet and its whether it can help prevent or treat a number of common health ailments. The film talks to doctors, scientists, farmers, and chefs to explore how a diet can impact your health. Here’s a guide to burning more fat and less sugar.

7. Food Choices

In this documentary, director Michal Siewierski speaks to a number of experts including Rich Roll, Dr. Michael Greger, and Laura Theodore about the benefits of a plant-based diet, and the way that our food choices can impact both our health and the state of the planet.

8. Cowspiracy

Directed by Kip Andersen, Cowspiracy explores the way that factory farming is affecting the planet. Andersen speaks to a number of experts to investigate just how much damage animal agriculture is doing to the Earth.

9. The Truth about Alcohol

Directed by David Briggs, The Truth About Alcohol has Javid Abdelmoneim, an emergency room doctor, exploring the health effects of alcohol, including alcohol’s possible link to cancer. Abdelmoneim speaks with scientists and conducts tests to illustrate exactly how alcohol affects your body.

10. Food, Inc.

Food Inc., directed by Robert Kenner, is one of the more well-known health documentaries in recent years. The film examines factory farming and other agribusiness, and the way that animal products affect both our bodies and the planet.

Netflix changes its rotation of movies and TV programs regularly, so keep an eye out for other health and food docs to show up on the service.

For some more ideas on what to eat while you’re watching any of these documentaries, check out these simple and satisfying vegan snacks.

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