When it comes to creating your home oasis, organization is everything. Think about how extremely relaxed and at ease you are when you’ve just cleaned your home. It can almost feel like a new house! Like many of us, you may even do some reorganizing or decluttering from time to time to free up some space in your home. Sure, it may take a while to get around to it, but once you do, it’s always so worth it. If you live in a larger house, you most likely have plenty of storage to utilize, but for all of us living in smaller spaces, organization can be a bit trickier. Finding a place for everything in your small space can feel like playing Tetris, except not quite as fun. Luckily, we’ve got some great storage solutions for small spaces to help you make the most of the space you have!

1. Stock up on containers 

Containers are a must in a small space. Tupperware, mason jars, decorative cardboard boxes, wicker boxes, old vintage suitcases all make for great storage containers for all your treasures. It’s always great to eliminate plastics from your home too.

2. Install shelving


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Shelves are another must when it comes to the storage in any place, but especially small spaces. Shelves can really maximize the space within the closet from floor to ceiling, or make a blank wall usable.

3. Look up

Install shelving above some of your doors or windows to put that empty space to good use.

4. Create secret spaces

Make a secret storage cubby between the studs of your walls and make the door into a mirror. Perfect for in a bathroom or even the bedroom. Just make sure it’s not on an exterior wall, only a partition wall.

5. Storage in the stairs

Why not put all of that wasted under stair space to good use? This one is especially handy if you live in a tiny house on wheels and need stairs to a loft space. You can create little cubbies out of your staircase and store lots of stuff underneath your stairs in any size of home and really maximize storage space.

6. Make your furniture work for you

When you live in a smaller space, choosing furniture pieces that have multiple functions can make a world of difference.  A sofa that folds out to be a bed, and has storage within it too, or ottomans that reveal storage inside. Try to find eco-friendly furniture whenever you can.

7. Take it outside

If you are lucky enough to have a deck or a patio, you can store items under your deck space.  If you just have a balcony make use of containers and outdoor furniture with storage inside.

8. Under your bed

There are plenty of ways to store stuff under your bed.  Use made or bought containers with wheels on them so you can easily roll them in and out.  You can also build a platform bed equipped with drawers to stow away all your items.

9. Over your bed

Instead of a decorative headboard, create shelving as a headboard or buy a headboard with some secret storage in it.

10. Beneath the sink

Use the space under both the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink by using tension rods to hang cleaning supplies from and add in some freestanding cabinet shelving so you can move it around easily.

11. Door storage

Get some plastic hanging storage holders that hang on the back of your door to store everything from personal items, to cleaning supplies and crafting materials.

12. Magazine holders

Put those file and magazine holders to good use by adding them to your cabinets. In them, store round items like cans and water bottles.

13. Hook it up

hanging pans


Hooks are also great for many purposes. Use them in the kitchen for dish towels, utensils, or in your closet for purses and shoes, or towels in the bathroom.

14. Peg board

Install some peg board to hang up your pots and pans, or to store your crafting supplies.

15. Cabinet doors

Create a painted chalkboard inside your cupboard door and hang all of your measuring cups and spoons on it.

16.  Beside appliances

The space between the fridge and the wall is often overlooked, but it’s a great place to implement some pullout storage.

It just goes to show that with a little creativity and imagination you can organize any space to make it feel larger than it is. Hopefully, you’ve found these ideas inspiring and helpful.  Try them out in your own space and let us know how they work out for you.

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