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Guide to Companies Specializing in Reclaimed/Recycled Furniture

Many of us are conscious enough to organize our waste into different piles, shred our Christmas trees and donate our old furniture to a desirable charity. However, there are other exciting avenues to explore when it comes to waste.

Sustainable living has time become the hot topic amongst the design community.  Instead of looking for materials to aid projects, many artists are now building their projects around a material. Plastic, steel and fallen wood, are amongst the most commonly used recycled materials.  Some prefer to use reusable items, such as Aaron Kramer from LA. He created an entire chair from wine corks. (I wonder who drank all the wine).

When your vintage sofa comes to the end of its shelf life, don’t go running into your local furniture store looking for a replacement. Instead, tap into the world of green furniture. You can find an array of unique household furnishings. If that’s not enough, most of the furniture usually has a wonderful tale.  There is nothing like a good story to picking out the right piece.

We’ve put together a quick list of companies who create wonders out of reclaimed and recycled materials.

Loll Designs

Loll repurpose excess skate ramp material to create affordable and modern outdoor furniture. The idea stemmed from their original Skate Pack venture and is now present in retail outlets across the US. All the items are both made from recycled materials and a 100% recyclable. Our favorites are the chair collection. They are perfect for any setting.

The Fallen Industry

‘To reuse before we destroy’ was the idea in which Fallen Industry was created.  The New York based company specializes in furniture and crafts made from fallen trees, industrial driftwood waste and steel. Each custom made piece is considered a functional work of art, complete with its own title and engraving. Take a look at the collection here.

Recycled Brooklyn

The purpose behind their work is to salvage and create. The company creates quirky and hip designs. Such as, the Salvaged Fir and Raw Iron Chairs and recycled coffee sack pillows. All items are made to order and you have the choice to opt for different colors and finishing.

Bike Furniture

“Broken bike? Why not recycle it.”

This independent, specializes in contemporary and modern furniture made from recycled steel and bicycle aluminum hander bars, rims and frames. The dynamic design is surely to be the centerpiece of any room. Initially starting with the ‘bike chair‘ the concept has now evolved to windy bar stools and even a love seat.

Vintage, charity & community

Buying new household furnishings needn’t be tedious or expensive, but instead it could be an adventure. When you’re looking for a new couch, lamp or kitchen, there is always someone or somewhere, looking to either sell or give it away for free. Vintage markets or charity stores are always a great source for acquiring antique furniture and there is always room for bargaining. In addition, sites like Craigs List and Freecycle are an effective way of recycling and interacting with the community around you.

Starting a new project? Why not try and reclaim an old piece of furniture.

Do you know of more furniture companies? Tell us about them in the comments section below!