Shaving cream. So soft and fluffy, like cotton candy that magically helps us whisk away unwanted hair. It looks innocuous. And for many of us, it may be nostalgically linked to the childhood rites of passage into puberty. Or perhaps it’s tied to fond memories of messy preschool games and art projects. But the simple fluffy white clouds we know as shaving cream are usually anything but innocent!

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so we owe it to ourselves to make sure anything going on it, or absorbed into it, is healthy, safe, and green. Commercial shaving creams and gels contain a slew of terrifying ingredients linked to cancers, hormone disruption, contact dermatitis, hair growth inhibitors, and carcinogens.


But you don’t have to suffer razor burn just to avoid these scary chemical concoctions! And, just in time for warmer months when you’re more likely to bare some skin, we have you covered! Here are 5 DIY shaving recipes that will save you money (you can make all of these with ingredients that are likely to be cheaper than your bottle or can of shaving cream), and keep your skin and the planet happy and healthy (not to mention chemical-free!):

1.  Skip the Cream

You might be used to the pressurized can full of fluffy whip, but natural oils are easy to use, and even more moisturizing and soothing for your skin than commercial products. You can simply apply olive, coconut, jojoba, or your favorite carrier oil ( combined with your preferred essential oil) to the area and shave! The oils will be absorbed into the lipid layer of skin, trapping moisture inside and protecting you from razor burn. Or try this all-purpose DIY Chemical Free Cleanser and Moisturizer to shave, clean, and moisturize!

2. Whip It Up

So if you do want the whip, you can still have it! This recipe uses shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and soothing lavender essential oil, which, when whipped up in a mixer or with a whisk, creates a lovely smelling, All Natural Shaving Cream. Don’t like the scent of lavender? Try this Rosemary Mint Blend. Or swap it out with a more suitable essential oil based on your skin condition and needs.

3. Exfoliate and Ex-Follicle

Why not remove dead skin cells while you remove unwanted hair? Harness the power of baking soda in your shaving cream with this simple, fluffy whipped shaving cream recipe! Or add skin loving tea tree oil and peppermint with this simple whip.


4. Castile It Away

As if there weren’t a bajillion other amazing uses for the wonder that is castile soap, you can also use it for shaving! Try the peppermint varieties to wake up pores, or fluff it up with this wonderful DIY Natural Shaving Cream.

5. Do a Solid

Not keen on the fluffy or the liquid versions? Go old school and make yourself a bar with this Homemade Shaving Soap Recipe. Or, try this manly recipe, which uses cocoa butter.

Do you mix up your own natural shaving cream? Be sure to let us know how you do it in the comments below! Here’s to smooth, healthy skin!

Image source: Betsssssy/Wikimedia Commons