Vitamin C serves many purposes for the skin.  First, it helps produce collagen in the skin; collagen is what makes our skin look young and keeps our skin from forming wrinkles.  Collagen is what you have in excess from about 0-20 years of age.  Vitamin C also helps fade age and sun spots.  Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant which attacks free radicals in the skin that are causing us to age prematurely.  It’s one power-packed vitamin!

This is a simple recipe that calls for L. Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) and glycerin.  You can leave it on your skin for 5 – 10 minutes and use it once a week. Just so you know-instead of glycerin, you can also use distilled water, coconut oil, or aloe vera for oilier skin types or vitamin E,  jojoba, or olive oil for drier skin types.  I like glycerin because it is moisturizing and gives this mask a good “slip.”  The main ingredient that is going to deliver the results is L. Ascorbic Acid.


So, let’s get started!   Always make sure your vitamin C powder has an L in front of the Ascorbic. If it is not L. Ascorbic acid, it is a synthetic from of Vitamin C and is not pure.

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Vitamin C Mask


  • 1/2 TBSP L. Ascorbic Acid (find it HERE)
  • 1 tsp. Glycerin (or 2 Vitamin E capsules)


1. Mix the first 2 ingredients.
2. Apply a THIN LAYER to a clean face and throat.

Note: You must be very careful that the mask does not run into your eyes.

Once the mask heats up from your skin, it can start running.  I end up having to not always apply it to my forehead.  If your forehead really needs it, lean forward over the sink or a towel for the 10 minutes.  After applying this mask, I do the dishes!

Do keep in mind that if the mask drips in the eyes, it will burn! Leave on for no more than 5-10 minutes.  If your skin tingles, that is natural.  But too much tingling is not good.  If it tingles too much, remove the mask with cool water and lower the amount of L. Ascorbic acid in your mask.  Be gentle when you remove your mask, the L. Ascorbic granules will give you a good exfoliation but they are rough so be gentle!


See, it’s so easy!  It’s cheap and the results are great!  If you’d like to pamper yourself even more, I suggest steaming your face after the Vitamin C mask, a facial massage, a calming mask of Aloe Vera and Lavender Essential oil, and finish with a toner and moisturizer.  You won’t believe how baby soft your skin will feel.  You can steam your face over a pot of boiling water or you can invest in a steamer that facialists use.  It is an amazing tool to keep your skin (and sinuses) hydrated.

Pamper your skin-it’s the only skin you’ve got, and nature offers some great tools to keep you feeling good inside and out!

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