So you may have come across a few recipes out there for homemade pore strips that use egg whites as their “glue” substitute. Making vegan pore strips gets rid of this problem entirely, since you don’t need to use egg whites, milk, or gelatin to make them effective. Plus, these pore strip recipes will last up to a month if kept in the fridge, which is way longer than three days for non-vegan versions.

How to Make Homemade Vegan Pore Strips

DIY Pore Strips

What You’ll Need

• 1 TB Agar Agar
• 1 TB alternative milk like almond, rice, or soy
• 1 drop Tea Tree essential oil
• 1 drop Eucalyptus essential oil (I like the Radiata variety)
• A few squares of standard toilet paper or tissue. Fancy fluffy stuff won’t work for this.



• In a double boiler (I use a pyrex measuring cup in a pan of water), add the alternative milk and mix in the agar agar.
• Gently warm the mixture until it becomes thick enough to spread in an even layer on the skin. This usually takes about 10-20 seconds.
• Alternately, you could just microwave the mixture in a small bowl for 10-20 seconds to achieve the same results.
• After the mixture has been removed from the heat, add your 2 drops of essential oil and mix in thoroughly. Make sure that you don’t add these before heating or their medicinal qualities might evaporate.

We’re using tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils for their disinfectant and deep cleansing properties. You can get the best ones I’ve used here. 

Application Instructions

1. Open your pores by applying a very warm cloth over your problem areas. For me, this is always my nose and chin.
2. Once the pores are open, cleanse the area with a soap that removes oil. You want to make the blackheads as sticky as possible so that they can be easily removed.
3. Apply a thick layer of facial clay like bentonite or rhassoul clay to absorb extra oil from the pores and blackheads. This will make the blackheads stick to the “glue” better.
4. After the mask has dried, rince with very warm water to open your pores again.
5. Take a flat makeup brush and use it to apply an even layer of one of the homemade vegan pore strip recipes to the problem area.
6. Let the layer dry.
7. Once it dries, apply another thick layer of “glue” over it.
8. While the second layer is still wet, firmly apply a square of toilet paper over it. Make sure to press down gently to make sure you get as many blackheads as possible.
9. Let the first tissue layer dry and repeat with letting one layer of glue dry and then applying tissue to the second layer of glue while it’s still wet. Really saturate it.
10. Continue these steps until you have 4-5 layers of tissue paper.
11. Allow the pore strip to dry completely! It should feel like a hard shell when it’s done.
12. When dry, gently peel from the outside towards the middle. Make sure that you are pulling the pore strip up and away from the skin for best results!