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ALARM . . . BLARING . . . SO LOUD . . . hit snooze – again. Must get dressed. Pull on socks, now the Pants, and the shirt. Now take off the socks and find a pair that matches. No. forget it, there’s no time. Out the door without your jacket. COFFEE, must get coffee. Inside the coffee shop . . . so close, “Black, with an extra shot of espresso, to go please. I’m running late.” That fist sip is all it takes; the warmth courses through your fingers and down your throat into your belly and you can feel your brain start to speed back up again. Now that you’re armed with caffeine, you can take on the world!

We’ve all witnessed the miracle of coffee (or tea) every morning but what don’t see is the cost of our disposable coffee cups. After the lifesaving liquid has entered our system, we throw away our coffee cups along with their plastic lids and straws. While these pieces of plastic trash may be out of sight, they should never leave our mind.

Plastics stay around long after our morning pick me up has left our system – it takes hundreds of years to break down one piece of plastic waste and we produce over 300 million tons of plastic waste each year. Worse still, only 15 percent of disposable plastics are properly disposed of – the rest make their way into our oceans and waterways. When you add your disposable morning coffee cup to everyone else’s it adds up fast; each year we throw away on million disposable cups. These get added to the 8.8 million tons of plastic waste that make its way into our oceans every year. Once in the water, this plastic waste has dire consequences for marine wildlife. Over 800 marine species are currently endangered because of plastic Pollution and our appetite for plastic is still increasing. We have produced more plastic in the past 1o years than we did over the entirety of the last century.

Don’t freak out, we are not asking anybody to forgo their morning caffeine fix. You can still have your coffee and feel good about drinking it on the go – just bring a travel mug with you when you leave the house.




This way when you order from the barista, they will know you’re cool (even though you don’t have a fancy mustache) because you’re saving the planet’s oceans. Here are some recommended travel mugs to help you get started:

1. Keto Coffee Bamboo Insulated Coffee Mug and Tea Tumbler



This stylish Keto Coffee Bamboo Insulated Coffee Mug and Tea Tumbler is the definition of eco-chic. The simple bamboo grain flows seamlessly around the clean lines of the stainless steel top. Plus, this mug comes with a scoop to measure your coffee or tea and a bag to seal your preferred mode of caffeine intake. This mug is vacuum sealed so your beverages will stay hot (or cold) for up to 12 hours. You can pick this mug up on Amazon for $24.99.

2. KeepCup 8-Ounce Brew Glass Reusable Coffee Cup



Keep it simple stupid. There are no bells and whistles on these Keep Cup to-go mugsso they’re perfect for anybody taking a minimalistic approach to coffee drinking. They are made from glass and have a BPA-free, non-toxic lid and hand rest. This is the perfect vessel for your morning cup of coffee and you can get one on Amazon for $18.

3. LIFE Drinkware Tea Tumbler with Strainer

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 3.56.00 PM



For the tea drinkers out there, we suggest beautiful LIFE Drinkware Tea Tumbler with Strainer and, as and added bonus, you will also get a stainless steel tea infuser to go along with your purchase. This bad boy is made with double-layered glass so your tea will stay hot and your hands will stay cool. You can pick up this tumbler for around $26 on Amazon. 

These stylish beverage containment systems will ensure that your mornings go smoothly, and our oceans stay clean and safe for the plants and animals that live in them. For more information about how plastic waste affects our oceans and marine wildlife, join One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic movement and more simple solutions to cutting plastic out of your life!

Let’s #CrushPlastic! Click the graphic below for more information.