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There are a lot of new tech buzzwords flying around of late, from NFTs to the metaverse to Web3. However, one of the most interesting of them is something called a DAO. Like cryptocurrency, DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations, operate on blockchain technology. The difference is that DAOs are made up of an organization of people who put money together in a contract to raise money for certain goals.

It’s been documented that blockchain technology can be harmful to the environment, but there are many innovators other there attempting to create “greener” DAOs. Here are the top ten DAOs in the social impact space.

1. Climate DAO

Climate DAO is attempting to combat climate change by coordinating large groups of people to help empower investors to make changes in climate-effecting companies. This will help eliminate the need for an investor with large sums of money to influence the decisions of the company. They are currently accepting investors on a waitlist. To sign up click here.

2. Big Green DAO

Late last year, Kimbal Musk, Elon’s younger brother, launched Big Green DAO. The goal of the organization is to dismantle hierarchies and give more power to nonprofits for grantmaking. The membership is made up of people who have received grants in the food and tech industries, and they aim to help organizations and communities grow their food. To Donate cryptocurrency to their cause click here.

Source: ETHDenver/Youtube

3. KlimaDAO

Behind every token bought through KlimaDAO is a carbon-based asset. Purchasing tokens offsets the emissions of these assets and creates more awareness for the carbon market. According to their website, KlimadoDAO has absorbed almost $500 million liters in gasoline. To buy KLIMA tokens click here.

4. VitaDAO

VitaDAO is a collective that funds longevity research and development, attempting to accelerate it and subsequently create biotech companies. Vita tokens allow its members to help guide the research and Support specific products. So far, they have helped fund over $1.5 million in longevity research. To join their community click here.

Source: VitaDAO/Youtube

5. ChangeDAO

Each NFT from ChangeDAO benefits a different cause. The tokens are meant to benefit the creators, the planet and create profit. They currently operate on the energy-intensive Ethereum blockchain, but they believe it will become more eco-friendly as they transition to a proof-of-stake blockchain. To get involved with their team click here.

6. Popcorn

Like ChangeDAO, Popcorn benefits a variety of issues. To do this, a significant percentage of the transaction fees are donated to organizations decided on by the Popcorn community. They Support environmental, open-source, and educational causes. To join their waitlist click here.

7. Toucan

Buying tokens on Toucan offset carbon emissions. It runs on the Polygon blockchain, which is known for its efficiency. They aim to create a regenerative economy and foster transparency in the marketplace. To find out more click here.

8. Regen Network

Regen Network’s goal is to help reverse Climate change by regenerating soil and giving people rewards who accomplish this. Farmers upload the data on the soil, and various entities can pay for it. Regen runs on its own blockchain called the Cosmos Network SDK, which is very secure. To join their community click here.

Source: Regen Network/Youtube

9. HerStory DAO

HerStory DAO helps uplift and Support black women who create NFTs. They achieved some notoriety when their collective bid on NFT pieces created by a rapper named Latasha and some Ethiopian artists. To find out more click here.

10. Dream DAO

Dream DAO wants to invest in the social impact space by mentoring young people who want to help build it into Web3, the future of the internet. They want to find the obstacles to human flourishing, figure out how Web3 will help overcome them, and eventually give young people all over the world access to these skills and techniques. They also want to train people to start other DAOs in the social impact space. To help Support their movement and become part of the community click here.

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