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Preeta Sinha


Preeta is the founder of One Green Planet. She also founded the Food Monster App (featured in Fast Company) — the largest plant-based/allergy-friendly recipe app in the market today. Her day to day involves handling editorial vision, revenue, overall operations and spearheading partnerships for the company. She has previously worked for startups like, iVillage (acquired by NBC Universal) and UGO Networks (acquired by Hearst Corporation). Preeta’s love for animals, eco-conscious living and the creative arts goes back to her childhood — she grew up spending time volunteering at local animal shelters and practicing art with her mom. She did her Bachelors in Communications & Photography (Urban Wildlife) from Mumbai, India. Preeta is also extremely passionate about mindful living, human rights, women & minority empowerment and elevating the various underrepresented communities she belongs to. When she is not at work she can be found painting, sculpting, reading, strength training or seeking out recycled swag for her apartment. Preeta is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health-Nutrition.