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Home Chefs of WoodSpoon


WoodSpoon was created by Co-Founders Chief Executive Officer Oren Saar (formerly of Boston Consulting Group) and Chief Marketing Officer Merav Kalish Rosengarten (formerly CMO of AnyVision) in January 2019. Completing the WoodSpoon team in 2020 is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Lee Reshef, the former Head of Global Marketing Programs at Google, who is spearheading the expansion of WoodSpoon operations to Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. Oren and Merav have created WoodSpoon as a platform for customers to enjoy a wide variety of homestyle meals from over 300 Home Chefs, allowing people to enjoy home-cooked meals from their homeland and give the chefs an opportunity to share their craft with the world and flourish in their own businesses. The most popular cuisines on the platform are Israeli, Caribbean, Italian, and American, with many Home Chefs offering flavor fusions.