Mountain lions are beautiful creatures that roam the western hemisphere. They are one of the largest cats in North America, and can be found across Colorado where estimations range from 3,000 to 7,000 in population. Unfortunately, they’re in danger there.

The big cats have historically been hunted in Colorado and across the United States. Just a few months ago a woman took pride in her kill of a Colorado mountain lion, claiming it was a bucket list accomplishment.


Back in January, residents in the state were reporting various disturbances caused by mountain lions in West Glenwood, Colorado. In response to complaints of aggressive behavior, officials, who claim the mountain lions are the most dangerous predators in the area, trapped and killed five mountain lions. Four of the lions were reportedly a mother and her three cubs.

CPW Area Wildlife Manager, Perry Will said,  “When we hear of those lions and that kind of behavior, we remove them for human health and safety.” He also claimed that euthanizing the lions was the only option available due to their unpredictable behavior and lack of fear towards humans.

The question here now is, when an animal issue arises, why does death have to be the resolution? There are several other methods that could be implemented. One of those methods is relocating and Colorado is a prime location for such a method given their vast amount of unpopulated land. That method is exactly what we would like to see happen for these Colorado mountain lions.

If you want to see these mountain lions find a new home rather than an unfortunate death, please sign this petition to have them relocated instead of being killed going forward. Relocation isn’t the only precaution to take into account either, as collars can be placed on the cats to keep track of their whereabouts to ensure everyone’s safety.


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