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Natural England and Natural Resources Wales have been granting licenses for people to kill many bird species that are not only adored, but supposed to be protected. The species included are estrels, curlew, linnets, sparrows, fieldfares, bullfinches, robins, starlings, wrens, skylarks, and more. These are beloved nesting birds that people in England enjoy seeing in their gardens.

The reason behind granting these licenses is supposedly for air safety and public health, but it’s much more likely that it’s because nesting birds are slowing down building operations. Another claim was to prevent serious damage to livestock, but as wildlife blogger Jason Endfield put it: “How, one might ask, does a starling carry out serious damage to a cow?”

It’s also hard to fathom why killing birds like linnets that are adored for their beautiful song is useful in any way to public health. Endfield also said: “The long-term survival of our struggling birds appears to be in serious doubt while these public bodies are in charge of ‘protecting’ our precious wildlife,” and went on to say that if this doesn’t change we will surely see many extinctions of bird species.

Natural England and Natural Wales claim that the licenses do not affect the conservation of the species, but any licenses to kill a protected species, especially in such large numbers and for unjustifiable reasons will certainly affect their population. Sign this petition to demand that these licenses stop being granted!

To help other animals in need, sign this petitions too:

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