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Unlike humans, who must learn how to swim, elephants have a natural instinct. They love to be in the water, and even have a built-in snorkel. But when this baby elephant took a dip in the lake, it was unable to climb back out. Maybe the mud was too slippery or the current was too strong, but in any case, this little guy couldn’t reach dry land alone. Good thing female elephants travel in herds with their babies and were there to help out.

Watch these female elephants reach out with their trunks to pull the baby out of the water. When the two closest cows need help, one of them trumpets to summon a third and a fourth! After much effort, they successfully bring the tiny calf to dry land.

This clip really shows the strong familial bonds that elephants share, and the sophisticated ways they communicate with friends and family.

Image source: Wikipedia Commons