Today, most of the world may only see elephants in two types of human-made environments — cooped up in zoo enclosures or performing tricks on circus stages. These environments are rarely (if ever) able to provide elephants with the enrichment they need to carry out their natural lives as they would in the wild. Circuses are particularly problematic as abuse and neglect are widespread, with elephants being trained using painful bullhooks.

Yet, as we learn more about the amazing emotional lives of elephants and take action on behalf of these magnificent beings, there is hope that one day their exploitation may come to an end so that the only place we’ll see elephants is exactly where they are meant to be — in the wild.

The baby elephant in the video below provides more proof that this is the one and only place elephants and all wild animals belong. Hit the play button to watch this adorable baby enjoy the ocean’s waves just as we do.

UPDATE (4/11/14):

Thanks to our awesome Green Monster readers, we learned that this very video is in fact a form of exploitation. Please be sure to read our follow-up post on the truth about baby elephant videos like this one right here.


Image source: Odd Stuff Magazine