It’s horrible to hear about animal abuse cases or read the ways humans are endangering many species. Fortunately, there are things we can do to speak for them. One of the ways we can help and lend our voices to good causes is by signing petitions. Such petitions are sent to people in powerful positions that can make a change, especially when they see just how many people stand behind the cause. We can demand change, justice, and stop tragedies by speaking up and doing our part.

There are horrifying things happening around the world every week like extinction, hunting, exploitation, and cruelty. If you are looking for a way to help animals, here are 10 petitions you should sign this week, including ending a festival that abuses pigs, stopping fisheries from killing all right whales, and demanding justice for abused animals.


We want to thank you for being the change you wish to see in the world and giving a voice to the voiceless.

1. Punish Cruel Abuser Who Baked His Dog In An Oven

mugshot of animal abuser

Source: Punish Cruel Abuser Who Baked His Dog In An Oven

A 24-year-old man in Orlando, Florida stabbed and beat his dog before placing him in the oven and turning it on to the highest setting. The Sheriff said it was possibly “the most brutal and horrific example of animal abuse” he and his team had ever seen. It appeared that he planned to eat the dog. Sign this petition to demand that this animal abuser receive the appropriate sentence for this horrible crime and to demand that convicted animal offenders like him be banned from having animals ever again.

2. Demand that Animal Care Center of NYC Stop Euthanizing Animals Within 24 Hours of Finding Them

small dog in basket

Source: Demand Animal Care Center Of NYC Stop Killing Dogs in 24 Hours


The dog in the photo above was found on April 17th and was euthanized the same day by NYCACC. There was no time for his owners to find him. The dog was also sweet and healthy, and deserved the time to be found or at least find a new home. Sign this petition to demand that NYCACC stop euthanizing animals so quickly who could have gone to good homes.

3. Legalize Vaccinations for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in the United States


Source: Demand that vaccinations for Rabbit hemorrhagic disease be legalized in the United States


Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is a contagious and deadly disease. It’s considered foreign but has been appearing on both coasts of the United States. However, it’s illegal to import the vaccination to the United States. The preventative vaccine could save people’s beloved pet rabbits. This petition was started in honor of Harlow who was rescued after being dumped in Central Park only to die of this horrible disease. And in honor of the other lives this outbreak has taken. Sign this petition to support the legalization of the vaccine.

4. End the Taiwanese Festival that Abuses Pigs

Pigs of God Taiwanese Festival

Source: Stop Using Pigs at the Taiwan Annual Festival


Pigs of God is a controversial Taiwanese festival and contest where pigs that have been force-fed for years are publicly slaughtered, then put on floats and paraded through the city streets. The pigs often suffer from from organ failure and pressure sores, and some are castrated without anesthesia because it’s believed to help them fatten up. Sign this petition to speak up against this cruelty!

5. Demand an End to Live Animal Markets in the United States

Live animal market

Source: Demand an end to live animal markets in the United States

Stop pandemics where they start. Live animal markets place the public in grave danger, and result in immense cruelty to animals. Infectious diseases like COVID-19 can be traced back to animals. Auctions confine animals from different farms in overcrowded pens, sometimes for days. Healthy animals are housed with sick ones. The dead may be left for hours or days before removal from a pen. These are breeding grounds for zoonotic diseases. Sign this petition to demand an end to live animal markets in the United States.

6. End Hound Hunting in the United States

hounds hunting

Source: End Cruel Hound Hunting Now!

Hound hunting is when hunters use vicious, trained dogs to chase animals for miles and rip them limb from limb! It’s cruel yet some people consider it a “sport.” Congressman Tony Cardenas is a firm believer in animal rights, so this petition reaches out to him to end this cruelty. Sign this petition asking him to introduce legislation to ban hound hunting in all 50 states.

7. This Zoo Made a Chimpanzee Ride Around on a Bike to Spray Sanitizer

chimpanzee on a bike

Source: They Made a Chimpanzee Ride Around on a Bike to Spray COVID-19 Sanitizer


A Thai zoo forced one of their chimpanzees to get dressed up in human clothes and ride around on a bike and spray toxic disinfectant so that human visitors could delight in the amusement and have a good chuckle — about the deadly COVID-19, no less. Sign this petition to demand the Thai government steps in to close the zoo and rehome the animals to reputable sanctuaries.

8. Make It Illegal To Destroy Geese Nests!

geese nest

Source: Make It Illegal To Destroy Geese Nests!

A woman in Florence, Kentucky was caught on video destroying geese nests at her condo complex and mutilating eggs. It’s completely cruel and inhumane, but it’s not illegal. It should be. Sign this petition demanding that it be made illegal to destroy geese nests and eggs like this.

9. Man Tied Dog to Car and Dragged Him Down the Road

Source: Protect Defenseless Animals From Abusers

A man named Carlos flouted Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown with his family, and they killed their poor family dog along the way. He and his family decided to break quarantine to travel to their second home, but they tied their dog behind the car. The dog was forced to run behind the car for a few miles and when he fell, he was dragged along before dying. Sign this petition to demand justice, asking the Spanish Minister of Justice, to take note of this horrific case and take action within his government to ensure that convicted animal abusers are not allowed to own animals ever again.

10. Fisheries Are Killing So Many Right Whales That They May Disappear Forever

right whale

Source: These Fisheries Are Killing So Many Right Whales That They May Disappear Forever!

The lobster fishing industry in the United States is slowly but surely chipping away at the only 411 North Atlantic right whales left in the entire world. The North American right whale is protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), but they are being killed by the fishing industry. Sign this petition to demand that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) act immediately to prevent any more right whales from dying!

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