Nicola Congdon and her mother, Anne are two amazing ladies from Cornwall, England who have been knitting sweaters for chickens for the past six months. They were inspired after Nicola read an article about hens rescued from crowded battery cages on factory farms. The stress of living in this sort of cramped environment often drives chickens to pluck out their own feathers or lose them after rubbing against wire cages. After rescue, these poor battery hens highly susceptible to the cold, so a kind person thought to knit a sweater for these little birds. This thoughtful action inspired Nicola to start making her own!

In no time at all she came up with a design and created sweaters for her birds in a variety of colors, which apparently, they love to wear! Six months later her birds are regular fashion models, sporting their fancy sweaters all over the barn.

In fact, they  have gathered so much attention that Nicola has been receiving orders from as far away as Canada. However instead of accepting money for her chicken couture, this wonderful woman has an arrangement where customers can pay by donating to an AIDS Orphanage in South Africa. Now that is inspiring!

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