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Animals like cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys, are their own unique individuals with all different personalities and characteristics. Some cows are shy and keep to themselves, while others are bubbly and vibrant. One chicken might be bold and assertive, and another might be passive and understanding. No matter who they are or what their personality is, all animals are deserving our love and respect, and these 10 organizations below are devoting their time and energy to making a better place for them and others.

1.  JP Farm Animal Sanctuary

Located in a little northwest Connecticut town called Litchfield, you will find JP Farm Animal Sanctuary, an organization dedicated to rescuing and helping farm animals. The sanctuary is home to animals like Belle, a Scottish Highlander cow who is a loyal protector to those she loves; a pig named DJ, who came from a college Agriculture program and was supposed to be slaughtered but now lives out his life at the sanctuary; chickens Victor and Ava, who enjoy eating grapes, sunflower seeds, and lettuce; as well as so many others. JP Farm Animal Sanctuary is a safe place for animals like pigs, chickens, and cows to live out their lives free from human exploitation. You can get involved by sponsoring an animal and signing up for their newsletter to stay informed on stories, get updates about the rescued animals, and learn more about vegan eating!

The sanctuary is open to visitors and takes volunteers, although it may vary due to COVID-19. If you’d like to get involved, you can email them at for more information, or follow them on Facebook! You can also Donate to them here!

2. Animal Haven of Asheville

Located in Asheville, the beautiful mountain town of North Carolina, you will find the Animal Haven of Asheville, an animal welfare organization, and a 10-acre animal sanctuary. Animal Haven of Asheville rescues and rehabilitates not only cats and dogs, but farm animals as well, including cows, goats, chickens, pigs, and more. In addition to providing food, shelter, and veterinary care to homeless and abused animals, they also provide a lifetime home for those who are not adopted. They offer a humane education program for all ages and are open for volunteers.

The Animal Have of Asheville is located in East Asheville, and even has its own thrift store! (Don’t forget your mask!) You can Donate to them here!

3. Farm Sanctuary

Perhaps one of the most well-known farm animal sanctuaries is Farm Sanctuary, located in Watkins Glen, NY, as well as Los Angeles, CA. Farm Sanctuary has done so much for farm animals – they work to rescue animals, as well as educate the public about the ways they can help animals. Farm Sanctuary is home to animals like chickens, goats, cows, sheep, turkeys, and pigs. Farm Sanctuary also educates the public on why it is important to stop eating animals and notes that animal agriculture causes immense suffering to animals, our planet, workers, local communities, and human health.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Farm Sanctuary is temporarily suspending public programs and events at their Sanctuaries. Be sure to check their website for updates on their reopening! You can also Donate to them here!

4. Animal Place

Animal Place is a sanctuary located in Grass Valley, CA, and extends compassion to all life with a special emphasis on farm animals. Animals at the sanctuary arrive from slaughterhouses, small and large farms, research facilities, and cases of cruelty or neglect. All animals find a haven where all their needs are met and their individual personalities can be respected and honored. Animal Place also has a campaign called Food for Thought, where they work with non-profits including; animal shelters, wildlife Conservation organizations, environmental groups, and social justice organizations, to adopt vegan menus that align with their missions in making the world a better place.

Animal Place is currently closed due to COVID-19, but check their website frequently for updates! You can Donate to them here!

5. Winslow Animal Farm Sanctuary

In Norton, Massachusetts, you will find Winslow Animal Farm Sanctuary. Their goal is to provide love and care to the many animals who don’t have a home or who have been abused or previously neglected. They are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and care of mistreated and abandoned animals, and work to educate the public on ways they can help. Winslow is home to many animals, including a pig named Pinky, who was a survivor of a tragic barn fire.

Winslow Animal Farm Sanctuary is located in Norton, MA and they accept visitors. If you aren’t located in the area, you can always donate on their website.

6. Shy 38 Inc.

Shy 38 Inc. is a vegan animal sanctuary located near Kansas City, KS, that uses advocacy, education, and rescue, to open minds and save lives. They are currently home to over thirty pigs, seven cows, three horses, two sheep, eight goats, numerous chickens, and three ducks. They are passionate about creating new attitudes about industrialized farmed animals through promoting a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle. They even offer a compassionate humane education kids’ program that provides opportunities for interaction with our rescued residents.

Shy 38 Inc. sells merch here! You can also Donate to them here!

7. Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary

Located just outside of Hampton Roads in Williamsburg, VA, you will find Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary. Life with Pig provides forever homes to farm animals in need and compassion-filled educational experiences to the public. It is home to animals like Jenna the Calf who Lived, who was born on a dairy farm in 2018. It was deemed that Jenna would never be able to produce milk, so instead of being slaughtered, the dairy farmer’s daughter asked if she could be rehomed. The sanctuary is also home to other cows, pigs, turkeys, and chickens. 

Check out Life with Pigs website to find out some upcoming days to volunteer! You can also Donate to them here!

8. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Located in High Falls, NY, is Woodstock Farm Sanctuary—an organization and sanctuary that rescues farmed animals. They connect animals with people to advocate for veganism as well as Animal rights in alliance with other social justice movements. The animal residents live in a loving sanctuary and are treated with respect as individuals. At Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, they are able to live their lives in peace.

Woodstock Sanctuary offers internships year-round, so check out their website for details! You can also Donate to them here!

9. Stahl’s No Harm Farm Animal Sanctuary

Located in Ohio, Stahl’s No Harm Farm Animal Sanctuary‘s mission is to provide sanctuary to farm animals that are at risk of neglect, abuse, and/or exploitation. They provide a healing and loving atmosphere to farm animals that are surrendered, rescued, or abandoned. The sanctuary is home to chickens and roosters who were rescued from slaughter, along with a mini pony, donkey, cows, the three alpaca ladies, and others.

Due to COVID 19, Stahl’s will not have a regular tour season this year, but be sure to check their website and Facebook regularly for updates! You can also Donate to them here!

10. Tamerlaine Sanctuary and Preserve

Tamerlaine Sanctuary and Preserve is located in Montague Township, NJ. Their vision is for a world that is compassionate toward all beings, especially the most vulnerable among us. Many animal residents call the sanctuary home, including a pig named Clara, a horse named Troy, and a cow named Ferdinand. The sanctuary also offers humane education that includes year-round tours of the sanctuary, vegan cooking classes, school trips, and single or multi-day retreats.

Visit the sanctuary’s website to stay up-to-date on all events! You can also Donate to them here!

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