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10 Good Reasons to Eat Less Eggs

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Eggs are unborn baby chickens.  There, I said it.  And if you really think about it, I mean REALLY think about it, who wants to eat a chicken’s embryo?  Doesn’t sound too appetizing now, does it?  If that thought doesn’t make you want to give up your morning omelet, here are 10 more reasons why you should think twice before cracking open your next egg.

1.  Fat, Fat, Fat

fat chicken

Eating eggs aren’t necessarily going to make you fat, but they will fill your blood vessels with fat.  Eggs are chock full of saturated fat and cholesterol.  In fact, three eggs or more a week have been shown to cause an increase in artery plaque buildup.  Clogged arteries are known to be a strong predictor of heart disease and stroke.  One egg may contain more than your daily recommended amount of cholesterol, and high dietary cholesterol has been shown to cause inflammation and heart problems.

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2 comments on “10 Good Reasons to Eat Less Eggs”

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Christopher Baptist
5 Years Ago

Agreed, an unfertilized egg is not embryo/fetus, it is just an egg. Also, just saying "studies have shown" means nothing to anyone who regularly reads studies, please include sources next time so that we can be sure the crap studies have been filtered out . I have to admit, this article does very little to open up anyone's eyes to the horrors of a non vegan diet, and as is, I couldn't use it to convince anyone to stop eating eggs. We can do better.

James Kelley
5 Years Ago

Your "fact" here: "Eggs are unborn baby chickens" is quite disingenuous. A unfertilized egg will never ever be a baby chicken. This is NOT semantics as unfertilized eggs are just menstrual cycle (albeit short) by-products by the chicken (i.e. hen). Please understand, I am completely a plant-based "Farms 2 Forks" graduate, and I would never buy or eat eggs (along any animal product), but this statement is misleading. There, I said it. (your words). Sincerely, James Kelley


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