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Every year, thousands of Thailand’s monkeys are stolen from their homes in the wild and trafficked into the pet trade. While well-meaning people think of these animals as cute companions, the tragic reality is that their lives in captivity are filled with sorrow, mistreatment, and deprivation of everything that is natural to them. Thankfully, some incredible people have been working to free these animals from their captivity. One example is Tuk, a female dusky langur, who was recently rescued by the Wild Friends Foundation Thailand.

Tuk’s mother was shot dead eight years ago and Tuk was sold as a pet. This is a common incident as wild monkeys are often either hunted for food or killed so their young can be trafficked into the exotic animal trade.


Since her capture, she has spent most of her life tethered by a short chain, attached to a metal pipe in a trash-filled garden, next to one of Thailand’s busiest highways. 


She had been fed a diet of sausage and bread, even though her species are herbivores, only eating leaves and fruit.


Tuk spent years hopelessly trying to get out of her hideous chain.


There has been nothing natural in her life – no trees, other monkeys, or foraging for food in her forest home. 


But now, she will finally have the chance at life she deserves, thanks to the incredible rescuers who are nursing her back to health.


The moment she was finally freed from her chains must have been filled with excitement!




Despite, the IUCN Red List currently listing the dusky langur as “near threatened,” these primates continue to be targeted for the pet trade. Tuk is one of the lucky few, who will now have the freedom to move and express her natural behaviors. No wild animal deserves such a tragic life. Share this article and help spread the word that wildlife belongs in the wild!

To learn more about Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand‘s work and rescue efforts, click here.

All image source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand


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40 comments on “Monkey Who Spent Eight Years on a Chain Finally Gets Her Freedom! (PHOTOS)”

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Grace Serrano
10 Months Ago

Por favor alluda a este pobre animalito, ? verdad no hay una ley que conde la esclavitud de los animales, es china es uno de los más despiadado y no tiene nada de Respeto, por los Animales, ojalá que una autoridad Internacional haga algo por los Animales, que son torturados y asesinados tan horrible mente, basta del maltrato animal.

Sirena del Faro
10 Months Ago


Linda Lambert
10 Months Ago

Thank goodness for her freedom!!!!! Why was there a chain?

Linda Lambert
10 Months Ago

Thank goodness for her freedom!!!!! Why was there a chain?

Glonda Courtney
10 Months Ago

What idiot would keep the monkey on a chain around it's neck Proof positive that many people absolutely have no conscience

Iba Coles
10 Months Ago

Thank you, wonderful people, for giving this poor animal a life worth living!!!

Javen Morell
10 Months Ago

Yes, thank you

Ali J Britton
10 Months Ago

That makes me happy

Bonnie Gillis Dugan
10 Months Ago

Beautiful animal with a sad past life. They are never kept forever & usually move on to a terrible existence.

Anita Lynn Milch
10 Months Ago

Thank you thank you thank you kind saviors of our abused and forgotten creatures. Shame on humanity!


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