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Despite all that we know about the dangers of breeding dogs to “create” rare or trendy animals, people continue to do so for a profit. Although people pay thousands of dollars for dogs that have a certain eye color or are small enough to put in their purse, they are unaware of the serious health implications that come with selectively breeding animals to look a certain way. More often than not, dogs who have been produced in this way suffer from extreme health issues, but as long as the breeders get paid, they aren’t concerned.

Pegasus, the white Great Dane is sadly an example of this.

Born into a reckless breeding operation, Pegasus was the only one of her siblings to survive puppyhood. The gene that causes Pegasus to be white can also lead to deafness and blindness, but none of this mattered to Dave Meinert, the kind man who rescued her.

Meinert was warned that Pegasus wouldn’t live very long due to the health issues she would likely encounter in life. So, he did what any loving guardian/filmmaker would do and set out to document his beloved pup’s life.

Months later, Pegasus is healthy and happy. Although Meinert doesn’t know how long his best friend will live, he cherishes every second he gets to spend with her in the meantime.

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0 comments on “This Man Was Told His Sick Rescued Puppy Wouldn’t Live Long – So He Decided to Take a Video of Her Every Day (VIDEO)”

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Ruth Ludgater
11 Hours ago

Even though this pup may have ongoing health problems, thank you Dave for showing her the unconditional love that she deserves.

1 Days ago

God bless you Dave Meinert. I wish there were more kind giving souls like you. This world would be a better place.

2 Days ago

What a beautiful video. May Pegasus live a long and healthy life. She has the perfect owner!

Decha Cullen
3 Days ago

Our labrador mix, Abby, was sickly as a puppy. Several vets could not pinpoint what was wrong with her. We were told that she would not live very long. We took care of her as a lymph nodes bursted from her shoulders to her hips. I would even feed her pedialyte with a dropper. This past January our baby Abby turned 10 years old!! When she started to improve back when she was only a few months old, the vet (who was still unable to diagnose her, but was our favorite due to his personality and the love and affection her showed our girl) was ecstatic. He even cried, a testament to his kind heart. Abby is my big, healthy baby nowadays!

3 Days ago

There are so many dogs and cats waiting in shelters (some dumped their by their "owners"), that it seems ludicrous to spend thousands on an animal just because your want a "purebred". Yes, some of the shelter pets MAY have some congenital problems, but just because you get an animals from a breeder is NO guarantee that the animal will be "perfect". Save a life - ADOPT - DON\'T SHOP!.

3 Days ago

We all don\'t know how long we will live............

3 Days ago

Yea!!! What a good man for doing this. Lovely dog, too.

4 Days ago

HUM BUG to you BOB!!! Now you have a GOOD day ya hear.

4 Days ago

So untrue, this puppy looks just fine and has a lot of white. Play on peoples heart to sell crap!!

19 Mar 2017


19 Mar 2017

Bob.. You are the kind of person without feelings. I kind I hope I never meet. With out love in your heart and feeling for animals you will never find happiness are be truly happy.

Anthony Williams
4 Days ago

you two are my heroes


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