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If you thought Dr. Jane Goodall couldn’t get more amazing…well, she just did, at least in my eyes!

Goodall wrote a letter earlier this week urging the Vancouver Aquarium to end their captive cetacean breeding program and now she is taking aim at another atrocity against animals…factory farming.

All it took was watching this six minute video and Goodall needed no further convincing to make a public statement on her stance on factory farming.

In her official statement, Goodall addresses the environmental and health impacts that large-scale animal farming has wrought on our global society.

Goodall writes, this video shows, “the terrible conditions animals are put in to feed our appetites. It demonstrates not only the suffering of animals (remember, pigs are every bit as intelligent as dogs and all the pictured creatures can suffer, know fear, depression and pain) but also the harm we are inflicting on ourselves.”

Factory farming is a vicious cycle that negatively impacts every single living creature involved. Looking at the high rates of childhood obesity closely paired with staggering rates of hunger, it is clear that the system we have developed to feed ourselves is only bringing more harm than good.

After spending years fighting for the rights and protection of apes, it seems only natural that Goodall’s next step be to expand her mission to seek out rights and protection for all the animals we abuse.

After watching this video, there is no question about it, by harming animals in the process of factory farming, we are really harming ourselves. While it may be difficult to watch, I urge you to share this with all your meat-eating friends and ask them to seriously question whether this is all worth it.

Image source: World Bank/Flickr

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27 comments on “Watch the Video That Made Jane Goodall Speak Out Against Factory Farming!”

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4 Years Ago

it\'s kind of ironic because the non-vegan Goodall mocks vegan\'s & veganism as extreme:


4 Years Ago

Thanks for sharing and kudos to Dr. Goodall! The entire human race should see this video! We are killing these wonderful animals, this planet, and ourselves! Vegan living is the BEST!

Sarah Jane Campbell
4 Years Ago

why can't you all celebrate the small victories... it is that judgemental militant vegan attitude that give all ya'll a bad name. If people are going to consume animal products isn't it a lesser evil for them to be eating ethically farmed "happy" animals rather than factory farmed? isn't the end of factory farming a good thing? isn't it better than nothing? it is unrealistic to think that everyone will become vegan, but if everyone that is going to eat meat ate a little less because of the exposure of factory farming... isn't that a win? if meat eaters ate vegetarian a couple times a week because of this kind of article, isn't that a win?? I don't get it. I just don't get your attitudes.

Cassie Abell
4 Years Ago

This made me cry....

Charlotte Ingram Tugwell
4 Years Ago

They don' watch ,because they know they will be impacted to quit eating animals.

Sandy Dickinson
4 Years Ago

What a beautiful thing. Thank you !!!

Sher Monfore
4 Years Ago

Patricia Dasbach Bennett
4 Years Ago

'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated ~ Mahatma Gandhi' (1869-1948. Spiritual leader of India)

Sandra Walters
4 Years Ago

I think shes a wonderful lady and shes doing her best to help

Sheila Valentine Wilkes
4 Years Ago

Jane is an amazing soul..


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