Calf Sanctuary, located in North Yorkshire, England, made headlines last year after rescuing Duke, a disabled bull. Duke was scheduled to be shot – not only was he a dwarf that renders him useless in the meat industry, but he had also been injured and struggled to walk. However, Sharon Lawlor, who runs Calf Sanctuary an organization for disabled farm animals, learned of his story and rescued Duke. To help improve this sweet cow’s like, Lawlor got him a custom wheelchair and special sling to hold him up in his barn.





Despite Duke’s difficulties, he never gave up on life, and Lawlor never gave up on him. The story touched thousands and he even got his own Facebook page to keep in touch with all of his fans. Unfortunately, Duke’s home is in jeopardy.

Lawlor was recently informed that the Calf Sanctuary property will not be up for lease renewal. Without a place to go, Duke and the other animals, including six cows and bullocks, 30 sheep, five pigs, 12 chickens, three turkeys and four goats, will be homeless. A vegan cafe that is on the property would also close down. But … there is hope! A fundraising campaign has been set up to help Calf Sanctuary raise $82,000 to buy a permanent place.



“We’d like a home we can open up to the public to come and visit and get involved in, have accommodation where people can stay, and the potential to open a café and shop so that the sanctuary can be self-sufficient. That’s the dream – which we now have just a few short months to realize,” she told Metro. “‘It seems like we’ve a big mountain to climb very quickly but I do know there are many people who value the lives of animals and the work we do – and we really do need their help now.”


Duke’s inspirational story gave hope to so many unwanted animals, and now you have a chance to give that hope back to him. You can help Calf Sanctuary by supporting this crowd-funding campaign here.


Help Duke here. 


All image source: Calf Sanctuary