Animals are resilient creatures. They can teach us a lot about overcoming adversity, living in the moment and moving foreword. This is especially the case for Dudley the calf, who was taken from his mother shortly after he was born and sold to another farmer become veal. However, the farmer noticed that a piece of twine had wrapped around the calf’s leg, causing a loss of blood flow. Somehow, he had a change of heart and tried to help the timid calf, by releasing him to live out his life at the Gentle Barn in California.

The Gentle Barn is a unique animal rescue that it takes in mostly unwanted and difficult to place animals. Because of the issue with his foot, poor Dudley was unable to even walk at the time of his rescue and the staff knew that the sweet calf would need help. They arranged for him to be treated at The University of Tennessee, where he would need surgery to remove the rest of his injured leg and also be fitted for a prosthetic leg. It took Dudley over a month to recover, but from the looks of this video, the sweet, shy calf is almost as good as new!

You can visit the Gentle Barn website for information on how you can help this charity.