Brooklyn, New York is just about the last place you’d think to see a rooster … but this unlikely sight was a startling reality for one New York city cop.

Police Sergeant Egan was out on crime patrol at 9:00 AM one morning when he saw a black rooster wandering the streets. At first, Egan and his colleague made a joke about the rooster crossing the road. But the humor of the situation quickly gave way to concern once they took a closer look. Egan says that the rooster was “pretty beat up looking” and needed their help.  The two officers decided to take the rooster back to the precinct and put him in a dog kennel until they figured out what to do with him. Egan ended up bonding with the rescued bird during his short stay and gave him the name “Mo Justice.”


Sgt. Egan poses with his new feathered buddy Mo Justice!

NYPD Sgt. Anthony Egan poses with his new pal, a rooster he named "Justice."


Egan wanted to take Mo Justice home with him at first, but after thinking about it, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to care for him (plus the sound of a crowing rooster first thing in the morning wouldn’t make the neighbors happy).  Egan made the responsible choice to release  MoJustice into the custody of Farm Sanctuary, an animal sanctuary located in upstate Watkin’s Glen.

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Undoubtedly, other people saw this bird and drove by without a second thought, however, Egan and his colleague made the kind choice to give the bird some help. It makes our hearts sing when we hear stories about an animal-loving people going to great lengths to help our furred and feathered friends! In the words of Sgt. Egan, ” the rescue mission was just part of the job.”

Mo Justice is doing very well in his new sanctuary home. To keep up with Mo Justice and his new farm animal friends, check out the Farm Sanctuary website.

All image source: Farm Sanctuary