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5 Reasons Why Dairy Sucks


Got milk? Dairy products have wormed their way into our everyday lives thanks to the ease of acquisition and years of persuasive (yet deceptive) dairy campaigns. But, contrary to the ever-present and popular all-American slogan, dairy doesn’t work for most people. From potential digestive issues to even more concerning effects to the human body, here are five reasons to opt out of the dairy train for good:

1. We really weren’t designed to consume it.

Experts have concluded that about 75 percent of the human population is genetically incapable of properly digesting dairy products – the majority of us are lactose intolerant. This means that 75 out of every 100 human beings on this earth will have some sort of health complication, whether they’re aware of it or not, as the result of the consumption of ubiquitous, everyday foods like cheese and cream. Afflictions like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, sinus issues, and allergies are just a few of the residual effects that professionals think are brought on by dairy. It’s even been linked to prostate cancer.

I got it

2. The whole needing calcium from dairy milk thing is all propaganda. Sorry ’bout it.

Think way back to when you were just a little one; what’s the first commercial you can remember watching on T.V.? Chances are that it’s milk mustache-related. We’re conditioned from the time that we’re very young to think of milk, cheese, and dairy as a general grouping of wholesome, healthy products. This is primarily because people “drink milk for healthy bones,” right? Not so much. Studies have shown that milk fails to contribute to the strengthening of bones over time.

I got it

3. Raw milk isn’t even good for you.

There are so many differing reports out there in the web universe on raw milk. While the USDA will tell you that “raw milk just isn’t worth it,” natural food sites will combat that statement by reminding readers that unpasteurized milk was consumed for years and years without issue; that as long as the devices that come in contact with the milk are clean and the animals are healthy, it’s perfectly fine. What it boils down to is that whether pasteurized or not, milk is milk and will continue to have the effect on the human body that the more processed stuff does regardless. So even the raw stuff is no good!

I got it

4. Cows are the the ones who are supposed to be drinking cow’s drinking milk.

The fact is, cow’s milk exists for baby cows. What we’re looking at is simply a fundamental mistake: a bad habit that humans developed over many years, especially when considering the fact that not even calves continue to consume their mother’s milk after weaned. Milk is meant to be the substance that creatures who are incapable of attaining other forms of sustenance consume, and nothing more. Technically, the only liquid we’re designed to consume as organisms is water.

I got it

5. There are some incredibly amazing substitutes that are so much better for you!

While soy products have become the favored dairy-alternative, there are plentiful delicious options. Oat, coconut, and even hemp milks are available. Rice milk is often sweeter and is considered to be the utmost of hypo-allergenic drinks. There’s always potato milk, which is often sold in a convenient powdered form. It’s gluten and casein-free. Almond milk is also another popular pick, available at most health food stores with a long shelf-life and a variety of flavor options, from chocolate to vanilla.

I got it

The fact is, you don’t need dairy in your life! You’re not made to drink it, it can cause health problems, and you do not need to fall prey to the milk industry’s tactics to keep you drinking this stuff! Enjoy some non-dairy substitutes, and be glad you now know how much dairy sucks — for your own good!

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Image source: Pingpongwill / Wikimedia Commons

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48 comments on “5 Reasons Why Dairy Sucks”

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3 Years Ago

Milk from a cow not pumped full of hormones, GMO products, antibiotics and a whole host of other shit is good. The calcium is by far the easiest absorbed. If you have intestinal issues with it, then don\'t drink it. Doesn\'t mean it\'s bad. No different then people who have some other food allergy.

23 Jan 2017

Of course milk has hormones, even if not added it comes from a lactating cow, of course it has hormones! All milking cows also are giving antibiotics as the continuous milking from a machine (not a calf which is what the milk is intended for) makes for a high risk of bacteria infection and mastitis! Each mammals milk is designed for their young not other mammals and if you look at the nutrients between the different mammals milk you will se that cow\'s milk is not like human milk! Cow\'s milk is meant to grow a calf to hundreds of pounds in the first year. And as for the calcium in milk did you know that the countries that consume the most dairy also have the highest rates of osteoporosis, bone fractures and disease! Get your calcium where the cow\'s get it, from plants!!

Ken Brotis
4 Years Ago

hey...look at that giant smelly animal...lets go suck on its tits!......some idiot said this at some point in history and it eventually just became ok. no reason on earth for us to be drinking it.

Martina Piantina
4 Years Ago

I lived with pain and swelling in my joints from RA for most of my life, until I dropped milk, and all animal products. Pain is magically gone and also, the best blood test results ever!

Cathie Obert Grey
4 Years Ago

Don't believe the lies; the Dairy Industry is huge & powerful.... They'll tell us anything to make $$ :/

Bill Stebbins
4 Years Ago

I read in Discover Magazine there too much calcium in milk and it is more natural to be lactose intolerant.

Christine Ruback
4 Years Ago

Not all Dairy Sucks. goat milk and cheeses are much healthier for you and people have been using goat products to make cheese and yogurt for a VERY LONG time: http://www.eatlifewhole.com/2013/06/goats-milk-vs-cows-milk-is-there-a-difference/

Virginia Harden
4 Years Ago

almond milk

Lauri Melendez
4 Years Ago

milk does not do a body good..

Russ Mathis
4 Years Ago

Nikki Snelgrove is the only one that has a comment that I relate to

Heather Gri
4 Years Ago

i love almond milk and finally got my family onboard with it. our home is dairy-free!! yeahhh


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