We have to have a serious talk about our plastic problem. In the past 30 years alone, global production of plastic has increased over 620 percent. That means that over 300 million tons of plastic pieces come into circulation every year.  But … here’s the kicker: only 15 percent of those are recycled. That’s right. 85 percent of the plastic that comes into circulation does not get recycled, What does that mean for the planet? Unfortunately, there’s really no way to make the truth sound good. Studies have shown that at least 8.8 million tons of plastic trash from land-base sources makes its way into the oceans each year.

While we support recycling whenever possible, eliminating single-use products from our lives is an even better move we can make for the planet. That starts with the easy step of making a one-time investment in products like reusable totes and travel mugs. Considering the 100 billion plastic bags we use every day, 40 billion plastic water bottles, and one million disposable cups that eventually end up in our oceans, these products are a great place to start!

With this in mind, we pulled together a list of all the plastic-free essentials you need to cut this harmful material out of your life for good! Not only are these products reusable, but they will save you a lot of money – and most importantly waste – in the long-run. Who’s ready to #CrushPlastic and start living a non-disposable life?