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Easy-Breezy DIY Lime Air Freshener

Easy-Breezy DIY Lime Air Freshener

If you’re living a healthy lifestyle, you probably have an array of smells lingering in your house (sweaty gym clothes and shoes, I’m talking to you!). Add to this pets, kids, and the occasional stray piece of onion that rolled behind the refrigerator before you discovered it a month later: welcome to smell city. Then, there’s that bathroom – we needn’t speak of the smells that might arise here, but let’s be honest: it’s nice to have air freshener on hand from time to time.

Making your own air freshener is an easy way to add fresh, pleasant smells to your home – without the added chemical exposure (STEP AWAY FROM THE FEBREEZE, PEOPLE! If you need a reminder, check this out!) and cost of store-bought brands. Once you make a batch for yourself, you’ll see just how easy it is to freshen your rooms with a quick mix of stuff you probably already have on hand.

All you’ll need is:

  • A spray bottle (choose your size – I love 16 ounce glass bottles like this one.)
  • Equal parts lime juice and water (for a 16 ounce bottle, go with 6 ounces of lime juice + 6 ounces of water)
  • Remaining part baking soda (for a 16-ounce bottle, this means 4 ounces)

Shake up the three ingredients in your spray bottle and then go to town! Yep, it’s really that easy. This stuff is completely chemical-free (Need to spray it on bedding? On your clothes? In your kitchen? No problem!), and the lime plus baking soda neutralizes odor like none other. What’s more: you can re-use your bottle over and over again – and your wallet, your health, and your smell-sensitive friends will thank you kindly.

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3 Years Ago

Should have remembered that adding baking soda to an acid would create a reaction. and really, the author should have mentioned it. Double DUH!!

3 Years Ago

This is terrible. Made a volcano, huge lime-scented mess in my kitchen. Waste of lime juice. I will read comments before making this kind of thing going forward.

3 Years Ago

The baking soda clogs my spritz bottle and doesn\'t stay suspended.

3 Years Ago

Baking soda and water or even something acidic makes for a foaming volcano. Doesn\'t work due to basic chemistry.

3 Years Ago

I clean with white vinegar, baking soda, lemons etc, but I needed a green freshener. So thank you very much. Believe it or not, I turned green because I got parrots and I had to completely detox my house for them. Thank goodness, because now I can be healthy too. :)

3 Years Ago

Thank you for sharing. I am always looking for new green ways to freshen and clean my home. Just made this and I love how nice it smells. Have a great day! Peace, love, bliss!

Katie rae
4 Years Ago

So I made this, and the combination of the lime juice and baking soda created a reaction and foamed up like no ones business...Is there a special method to combining this that I\'m unaware of?

15 Aug 2014

I think you and I are the only ones who actually tried to make this thing -- and that includes the author! Why oh why didn\'t I remember basic science and baking soda volcanoes before wasting 4 organic limes?
After half of it bubbled away and there was more room in the bottle, I was able to veeerrry slowly mix more baking soda in, but it doesn\'t stay suspended in water. And shaking up a sealed glass bottle containing baking soda and an acid makes me kinda nervous. Oh well, it didn\'t matter anyway, because I hadn\'t thought (or been instructed in the "easy breezy" method) to strain my lime juice. The tiny bit of pulp left in my juice clogged my new sprayer instantly. Nice waste of time and money.

michelle hill
4 Years Ago

Are there any ways one can add a "scent" to this method, such as essential oils?

4 Years Ago

Really enjoy you web site but wonder why you have the colum on the right over-lapping the main part of the page. It makes it nearly impossible to read .


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